Based in Jacksonville, Florida, East Coast Cooling Tower is equipped to provide reliable cooling tower services to customers in southern Georgia and throughout Florida. From Savannah to Valdosta, GA to Tallahassee, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Tampa Bay and Naples, Florida as well as other cities in the Southeast. With over 26-years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing superior customer service to our clients by leveraging the experience and skills of our team and our unmatched industry resources. East Coast Cooling Tower will never compromise the integrity of the tower by taking short cuts or using inferior methods or parts in order to get the job; East Coast Cooling Tower represents quality, honesty and know how.

Our parts department was developed with one thing in mind, so you could come to one spot for any cooling tower for top quality parts. East Coast Cooling Tower offers parts for any cooling tower no matter the make, model, location or year. We offer manufacturer parts, aftermarket parts and refurbished parts. No matter which part you purchase, be assured all parts are of top quality and guaranteed.

Our on-site cooling tower construction supervision, training, and end-user instruction has been widely sought and contracted by a variety of companies around the US and abroad.

We have a successful history working with top industry leaders, and we offer the ability to handle the maintenance or reconstruction of any cooling tower whether it’s a field-erected wood, steel or fiberglass or a factory-built unit.

East Coast Cooling Tower is ready to take care of your construction, reconstruction and maintenance needs. We will ensure that all cooling towers are built/re-built to their original specification or better. Contact us today at (904) 551-5527.



We can build and rebuild everything back the way the manufacturer intended… or better.


Our maintenance services keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently to reduce the potential for breakdowns.


We sell new parts and inspect, repair, restore, recoat and otherwise prepare refurbished parts for resale.