Construction & Reconstruction

If you have a wood, fiberglass, concrete or metal cooling tower, either a factory-built package tower or a field-erected tower, we offer reconstruction services for all makes and models.

Factory-Built Package Towers

When it comes to your factory-built package towers, we offer a variety of Reconstruction services; don’t go through the pain of replacing it when we can make it like new again.

  • Changing out the fill media – Clogged fill not only reduces your cooling it also puts additional load on your fan causing wear and higher energy costs. Our team works only on cooling towers giving us the know how to quickly change out your fill so you can get back up and running.
  • Changing out hot-water (distribution) basins
  • Changing out casing panels and cold water (collection) basin panels
  • Structure & mechanical supports
  • Gearbox rebuilds and replacements with complete drive shaft alignment
  • Fans and fan pitch

There is nothing that we cannot fix or replace on your existing tower.

Field-Erected Towers

If you have a field-erected tower, we can help you as well.

We build\rebuild everything back to the original factory specifications or better. Many competitors cut corners by not providing and installing items such as sheer plates, etc. in order to save costs. We rebuild all towers the way the manufacturer intended. This maintains structural integrity and will give you peace of mind that the job was done right. There is a reason these towers have lasted so many years and it is the way they were designed, get many more years out of them.


Cooling Tower Cleaning and Maintenance - East Coast Cooling Tower


Our maintenance services keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently to reduce the potential for breakdowns.

Cooling Tower Replacement Parts - East Coast Cooling Tower


We sell new parts and inspect, repair, restore, recoat and otherwise prepare refurbished parts for resale.

Cooling Tower Technicians performing an inspection - East Coast Cooling Tower


Our inspections identify potential problems before they become costly breakdowns.