Frequently Asked Questions About Cooling Towers

Provided is a list of questions we are often asked about cooling towers and our company. If you have a question and it isn’t listed here, please contact us and we’ll get an answer for you!

Can I use aftermarket parts in my cooling tower?
What is cooling tower drift?
How can drift be minimized?
What is the lead-time for service work by East Coast Cooling Tower?
Does East Coast Cooling Tower offer long-term preventative maintenance plans, and if so, what do your plans cover?



Can I Use aftermarket parts in my cooling tower?

Yes, you can use aftermarket parts as long as they meet following conditions are met:

  • The original thermal performance of the tower is CTI certified and documentation for certification can be provided.
  • New material is installed per the instructions.
  • All other components are in like new condition and function properly.
  • All performance related components such as fans, motors, belts & sheaves or gearboxes and drive shafts are in good working condition and are performing to original specifications with no loss of original certified airflow and no vibrations in the drive system.
  • Nozzles, air inlet louvers and drift eliminators are not clogged with debris and are not dislodged and are in like new condition neither restricting proper water flow and air distribution within the tower.
  • Adequate plenum allowed within the tower for uniform fill and drift eliminator airflow.
  • Distribution nozzles are properly sized and spaced to provide full and uniform water coverage over the fill with no dry or flooded areas.
  • Pack slant angle no more than 10 degrees to the vertical.
  • Hot water basin is level and adequate for the nozzles in use.
  • Circulating water salinity less than 5,000 ppm.
  • No recirculation or interference from other cooling towers or surrounding structures.

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What is cooling tower drift?

In an open evaporative cooling tower, there can be a loss in the form of water drops, which results from the evaporative cooling process. This is the undesirable loss of liquid water to the environment, via small unevaporated droplets that become entrained in the exhaust air stream of a cooling tower. These water droplets carry with them minerals, debris and microorganisms and water treatment chemicals from the circulating water, thus potentially impacting the environment. High drift losses are typically caused by fouled, inefficient or damaged drift eliminators, excessive exit velocities or imbalances in water chemistry.

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How can drift be minimized?

Certainly, the most effective means of reducing drift is to install high-efficiency drift eliminators in your tower. The drift eliminators are your last, but the most critical line of defense for mitigating drift.  Periodic inspection of spray distribution systems and drift eliminators is recommended. A clogged spray nozzle, fouled drift eliminator, or even an improperly installed drift eliminator can cause excessive drift in a cooling tower.

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What is the lead-time for service work by East Coast Cooling Tower?

The “standard” lead-time for East Coast Cooling Tower to perform service work is based on the receipt of a customer’s P.O. and our agreement on terms and conditions, this is only if the project requires replacement parts. If it is a cleaning or any service not needing parts, we try to do service calls ASAP.

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Does East Coast Cooling Tower offer long-term preventative maintenance plans, and if so, what do your plans cover?

Yes, East Coast Cooling Tower offers long-term preventative maintenance plans. Our PM Service Agreement is available on the customer’s requirements. The plans include an initial thorough inspection, preventative maintenance service of your tower for the life of the PM Service Agreement unless otherwise specified.

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