Before starting a cooling tower inspection, it is important to identify all potential safety and health hazards associated with the work and identify how each hazard will be eliminated or controlled. Planning helps alert workers to potential safety hazards and take appropriate preventive action. Always follow safety and health regulations published by local authorities. Use the following general guidelines for basic worker protection.

East Coast Cooling Tower offers a comprehensive cooling tower inspection service whereby each cell of the cooling tower is canvassed both internally and externally by an ECCT employed experienced cooling tower technician. During cooling tower inspections, all deficiencies are photographed and documented. Subsequent to the inspection, a report is generated summarizing the findings, and will also consist of recommendations for short term and long term repairs, including budgetary pricing with an emphasis on any items we deem related to safety.

Sample Items addressed/Inspected during an ECCT inspection include but not limited to:

  • Tower Exterior/Structure
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Tower Distribution System
  • Tower Heat Transfer System
  • Cold Water Basin

ECCT inspection all Manufacturers including but not limited to:

  • BAC
  • Evapco
  • Marley
  • Amcot
  • Ceramic
  • CCS
  • Delta
  • Evaptech
  • Protec
  • Reymsa
  • SPX
  • Tower Engineering
  • Tower Tech and more

It is best to have routine cooling tower inspections before signs of problems start to show in any of these areas.


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