Cooling Tower Project Images

Our cooling tower projects are vast in both location and number. We have compiled a number of images and video for you to peruse at your leisure. We have worked on all types of cooling towers including Evapco, Marley, and BAC towers and many other brands as well. We also service, rebuild and maintain all types of towers including ceramic and fiberglass towers. Our construction and reconstruction projects range from large field erected towers to package towers. You can find a sampling of our past projects in this gallery.


Cooling Tower Construction and Reconstruction - East Coast Cooling Tower


We can build and rebuild everything back the way the manufacturer intended… or better.

Cooling Tower Cleaning and Maintenance - East Coast Cooling Tower


Our maintenance services keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently to reduce the potential for breakdowns.

Cooling Tower Replacement Parts - East Coast Cooling Tower


We sell new parts and inspect, repair, restore, recoat and otherwise prepare refurbished parts for resale.