Cooling Tower Services

Our cooling tower services are renowned for our expertise and vast knowledge of all types of cooling towers. From field erected towers ceramic and fiberglass towers, our expertise extends beyond the bounds of conventional construction. Our expertise lies in our ability to solve typical cooling tower problems with atypical solutions to extend the life and efficiency of your investment.


Explore our services below and contact us for a one-on-one analysis of your needs.

Construction & Reconstruction

Is your wooden cooling tower deteriorating from exposure to the elements? Perhaps it hasn’t undergone a regular maintenance and is now in need of repair. Our cooling tower construction and reconstruction guarantees that your tower will be rebuilt to manufacturer specifications or better!

Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair

Save yourself thousands in repair costs while maintaining peak efficiency for your cooling tower. Our maintenance programs identify any problems that could escalate and cause breakdowns. We offer on-the-spot repair and our maintenance programs are offered annually and bi-annually.


Regular and comprehensive inspections ensure your cooling towers are in top condition as well as adhering to local and government health and safety regulations. We identify all issues concerning your cooling tower with a detailed recommendation report for prevention and maintenance needs.

Management and Consulting

Our field supervisors are experts in cooling tower construction, maintenance, and efficiency. We will partner with your organization as your expert consultants on all your cooling tower projects to assess your needs, provide inspections, and make repair recommendations for your cooling towers.


Our training programs provide your on-site team with the proper care and procedure methodologies to keep your cooling tower running at peak performance and efficiency. Our experts are available for everything from replacement part acquisition to supervising your cooling tower rebuild.