East Coast Cooling Tower Safety Program


You can be assured that when our staff show up on your site, you are dealing with reliable, professional personnel. All of our staff are OSHA 10 (or better) certified. They understand the necessity of maintaining a safe environment and working safely.


We are ongoing members of the Northeast Florida Safety Council, Inc., and work hard to exemplify the standards of safety that they represent. It is our belief that maintaining the highest of safety standards benefits everyone.

In addition to acquiring OSHA certifications and adhering to NEFSC guidelines, our staff are required to read and conform to our safety manual. This practice is effective at reducing (if not eliminating) the unwanted elements from our projects – risk, wasted cost, wasted time – and most importantly – injury.

To keep our team safe, all of the staff are also trained in rigging as well as crane signaling. For more information, you can download a PDF of our safety manual.


Cooling Tower Construction and Reconstruction - East Coast Cooling Tower


We can build and rebuild everything back the way the manufacturer intended… or better.

Cooling Tower Cleaning and Maintenance - East Coast Cooling Tower


Our maintenance services keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently to reduce the potential for breakdowns.

Cooling Tower Replacement Parts - East Coast Cooling Tower


We sell new parts and inspect, repair, restore, recoat and otherwise prepare refurbished parts for resale.